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This Week's Announcements (3/18/12)

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Christianity and the Public Square: A Two-Part Exploration Continues!

Join us Wednesday, March 21st for part two of this equipping seminar that will speak to current issues that affect each of us. Click here to find out more!

Easter Sunday

Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 8th for our Easter celebration together.

Common Ground for Connected Lives Sermon Series

As we conclude our series “Common Ground for Connected Lives”, the reality is … this is only the beginning of a beautiful new chapter of cultivating the common ground we have with one another, sharing common ground with our city, and finding common ground with people who are far from God.

Through this series God has brought about profound unity around much more than building a facility, but around being the church we were created to be! In light of that, if you’ve missed any of the five messages, please take some time to visit our website by clicking here and be encouraged by the stories of how Jesus engaged a wide variety of people with the transformational message of the gospel.

We’re praying that God would use us in this next season to influence our world like never before! May He grant us favor as we follow hard after Him and devote ourselves to cultivating common ground.

The City Tip of the Week:

The public part of The City is called The City Plaza. It is a live page on the church’s website: You can also click on See What’s New on The City Plaza on the Right side to see for yourself what visitors to our website get to see!

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Our vision is to cultivate connected lives both inside and outside the church. The City is our church’s online space for communication and connection. It enables our community of faith to participate more effectively in the day-to-day life and mission that God has given us.

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