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Work Wars : The Workforce Awakens

By Kevin Perry in Fellowship Bible Church almost 3 years ago | 762 views
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Bankers, farmers, salespeople, programmers, public and home school teachers, artists, carpenters, stay-at-home moms, retail associates, electricians, baristas…..everyone.

Ethics and evangelism are the most common aspects that come to mind when we think of faith and our work. 

But what about the work itself?

What about the actual work we do 40…50…60 hours a week?

Does the bible say anything about that?

A resounding YES. The bible doesn’t just have a few helpful tips for the work we do….it reveals so much more. In fact….


YOU are a part of the grand narrative God is unfolding in all of creation. I hope you will join me and together let’s study why that is.


CHILDCARE IS AVAILABLE! Please RSVP with the number of children you would be needing childcare for.


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Discussion about this event

Amber Pool on 02/25/2016

We’ll need childcare for Simon (8 years old). Thank you! 

Tanya Godsey-Gilmore on 02/26/2016

The Gilmores will need child care for Sophie (7) and Jonah (3).  Thanks!

Alicia Perry on 03/05/2016

Perrys need childcare for Karleigh (8) and Ella Lynd (5)

Melissa Loudon on 03/05/2016

Childcare needed for Avery- 11 , Brenna 9,  and Cassidy 4

Chalice Fraser on 03/06/2016

I will need childcare for 3 (ages 8, 4, 1).

Emmalee Willoughby on 03/07/2016

I will need child care for Ella (2) and Olivia (1)

Allison Fitzgerald on 03/07/2016

Need childcare for Annie (6).

Alicia Perry on 03/08/2016

I will have 2 guests and 2 additional children- 8 and 5 years old- with me.

Judith Siders on 03/08/2016

Yes, thank you; I would like to attend.   Judith Siders

Priscilla Hogue on 03/08/2016

Me and our 3 kids, aged 9, 7, and 5

Crissy Dunn on 03/08/2016

My husband and I will be there and we will need childcare for our two little ones, both age 5.

Aarica Sohar on 03/09/2016

Daniel and I plus childcare for 5 kids ages 10,8,8,5,2

Jessica Sherrod on 03/13/2016

Need childcare for Noah (5), Marty (3), and Gloria (1).

Ron Bronson (FB) on 03/14/2016

I work 3rd. Shift so I will come ready to go work. Looking forward to an enlightening and encouraging night.

Paige O'Kelley on 03/14/2016

We need childcare for Aubrey (5).  thanks!  

Heather Barnes on 03/14/2016

Will need childcare for age 7 and 11

Brian Beaird on 03/14/2016

Need childcare for our kids (3 and 1)

Stephanie Teague on 03/16/2016

I will need childcare for my two kiddos ages 1 & 2. Thank you!

Rachael Rainwater on 03/16/2016

Childcare for two kids ages 6 & 2

Kevin Perry on 03/17/2016

Thanks to everyone for coming out last night! Just a reminder to let me know if you are interested in the MBTI follow up workshop.

March 16
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
4236 Veterans Parkway
TN 37128
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70 people
are coming
Rachael Rainwater (1)

Kathy Freeman (2)

Stephanie Teague (1)

Susan Beaird (2)

Brian Beaird (2)

Heather Barnes (4)

Paige O'Kelley (2)

Ron Bronson (FB) (1)

Brian Turner (3)

Jessica Sherrod (2)

Ethan Chastain (1)

Bob De Boer (2)

Aarica Sohar (2)

Priscilla Hogue (4)

Judith Siders (1)

Rob Beaird (2)

Allison Fitzgerald (2)

Laura Ledlow (2)

Emmalee Willoughby (1)

Mary Jo Illig (2)

Tera Surbeck (3)

Chalice Fraser (1)

Jim Nichols (1)

Melissa Loudon (2)

Beverly Harris (2)

Alicia Perry (7)

Sonia Williams (1)

Tanya Godsey-Gilmore (5)

Patrick Canfield (1)

Kim Andrews (2)

Marlo Elmore (1)

Amber Pool (3)

Chris McKim (1)

Mike Browning (1)

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